Mia Seppälä

MuTeFest 25.–29.11.2018 # The visitor downloads an application on his/her mobile device, puts headphones on and walks through the Töölönlahti area listening to site-specific compositions specially tailored to follow paths around the area. Taking advantage of the GPS technology, these paths lead you to places fomenting the dwelling and eventually discovering hidden corners, monuments, histories. The […]

Performance Nuijaus / Viikki, Purolahti and Kivinokka bird watching tower Helsinki. Duration: 4h.# I had received a hint of a rare bird in Purolahti, Viikki. I prepared for spotting by making a paper telescope for bird watching.                        

Move with the image / 2019, video performance, Tuorinniemi Helsinki.# This is a work in which I participate in the imaginary dimension of a dog’s image, because the image itself inspires me, not just the object it represents. The similarity of the imaginary situation shifts to the real one. Identity seems to be constituted by resemblance or […]

act 3

Working with Barnacle geese / Porolahti, Helsinki 12.8-18.8.2019 At first, the geese behave suspiciously and moved elsewhere if I tried to approach. But over time they got used to my presence and didn’t get upset. It was interesting to work with them and hopefully the collaboration will continue sometime in the future.         […]